"Smith has the background to succeed and seems to have been groomed for pop stardom" Tim Jonze, Guardian Jan 2014

'Sam Smith Diva Boy' A Portrait of Sam 2007-2010

The Documentary

An authentic cultural footprint of Sam Smith which charts three career-defining pivotal years of his journey to pop stardom - 2007-2010. Sam was signed to, cared for and developed by, Flipbook Music. His journey was filmed and recorded every step of the way, capturing every element of a happy and positive young Sam on the way to achieving everything he dreamed of and aspired to. We watch Sam express his hopes, fears and dreams and as he experiences and performs so many 'firsts'. Those ‘firsts’ include Sam recording his debut album and his first live performance of that album, his first chart successes, his first video, first radio and press interviews and first one-to-one interview ... ‘According to...’ Sam. Exclusive, previously unseen footage of Sam Smith, a global pop star in training to become a global pop star.

"I want the world to get to know me. I have nothing to hide. I've been very honest" Sam 2014

See Sam emerge from a 'wannabe' pop star to a 'ready to be' global pop star... compelling viewing

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