The Music 2007-2017
2007-2009 Sam recorded ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’, his debut album, with Flipbook Music. The single ‘Bad Day All Week’ was released with remixes from PerQX, Kid Massive and Kinky Roland.
2009 Kosmo Records licensed the single ‘When It’s Alright’  and released it worldwide with remixes from Tom Novy, PerQX, Kid Massive.
2013 Kosmo re-released ‘When it’s Alright’ remixed by Juun and Tomcraft.
2014-17 Kosmo licensed the album from Flipbook Music and re-titled it ‘Sam Smith The Lost Tapes Remixed’. They released Singles and Album worldwide with remixes and edits from Genji | Yoshida | Juun | Berger & Shaquiri | TAI | Freddy Verano | Tom Bruckner | Adrian Bahil | Pooker | TAI | Arbitraire.

Kosmo sub-licensed singles to: Capitol Records (Sam's current Label) France-Benelux | Four Music (Sony) - GAS | Sony - Europe | Embassy Of Music - Germany | All Around The World - UK | Discowax – Nordic.

2017 ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ - album and singles on worldwide release. The album is also the soundtrack of the Documentary ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’.

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A Little Melancholy
All This Madness
Bad Day All Week
Little Tin Buddhas
Momentarily Mine
Out Of Our Heads
Show A Little Mercy
So Much More To Lose
Time Won't Wait
When It's Alright

Links to Sam Smith Singles, Album and Videos from Kosmo & 4 Music/Sony

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